Microsoft updates SkyDrive with improved website features

Microsofts made SkyDrive a big aspect of its ecosystem over the past year and with the start of 2013, the companys making moves to improve the service even further.

In a new post on the official Windows blog, Omar Shahine, group program manager of, announced the company is improving sharing and HTML5 features on the SkyDrive website. According to Shahine, the HTML5 improvements will make the website faster across a wide range of devices.

Shahines blog post highlights three key areas of the SkyDrive website that were improved: an integrated view of sharing permissions, improved selection for touch-based devices and improved drag-and-drop support.

Microsoft has improved the SkyDrive websites sharing features oby moving them to a single location.

In an effort to making sharing files and folders easier, Microsofts moved all sharing information and features to a single location. Now, users can see who a file has already been shared with as well as a link to any shared files and modify the access privileges of those users from the same screen.

The two improved areas, touch-based selection and drag-and-drop support, will make managing files easier on the SkyDrive website. Much like the Windows 8 interface, tablet users can now select items by swiping to the left or right. Similarly, users can now drag and drop files through the websites location bar – or bread crumb bar – for easier file management.

Users can now drag and drop files through the location bar on the SkyDrive website.

The improvements are being implemented on the SkyDrive website today and should be live for all SkyDrive users soon.

Source: Official Windows Blog | Images via Microsoft

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