Microsoft will have more Xbox Series X and S consoles at launch

Yesterday, after a long wait, pre-orders went live for the Xbox Series X and the lower-powered Xbox Series S. As you can probably imagine, both consoles were sold out pretty quickly. If you still want one on day one, don't worry, as you'll still get a chance.

Microsoft confirmed via Twitter that retailers will have additional units available on launch day. It's not surprising, as it's common for companies with popular products to want to offer an in-store experience to fans that want one. For example, Apple's iPhones tend to sell out on day one, but it always has a stock in Apple Stores for those camping out overnight to be one of the first with the new smartphone.

Another thing the company said was to sign up with retailers for updates. This implies that there will be additional units coming in stock for pre-orders. But of course, you'll want to stay on top of it. Sign up with as many retailers as you can, and when someone says that it has the model you want, act fast.

As noted in the tweet, the next-generation Xbox consoles are set to arrive on November 10.

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