Microsoft working to push out Windows 10 Xbox Preview Invites this week following backlash

During a recent podcast with Major Nelson (Director of Programming), Mike Ybarra (Director of Program Management at Xbox) stated that Preview Members will soon be receiving invites to opt-in (or out) of the Windows 10 on Xbox One testing phase.

After this podcast was set live, several Xbox users assumed that, because Mike Ybarra stated 'today' in the same sentence, that these invites would be sent, well, today! However, that was not the case. In fact, what he actually meant was that anybody who is currently in the Preview Program today will receive an invite. This was cleared up by an Xbox MVP, akaScratch, as you can see here:

Regardless of this, many Xbox users took to the Xbox Preview Forums to show their dissatisfaction with how they were told 'today' and didn't actually receive an invite at that point. A simple grammatical misunderstanding, that, at first-sight, would seem to imply the invites would be sent out at that time. A better choice of words could have been used.

Following the over 13 pages of unhappy Xbox Previewers complaining about the lack of communication from the Xbox team, an official staff member for the Preview Program, UrbanizedTree, said that:

We're taking care of some last minute logistics and will get the invites out to Preview members soon.

He then continued:

I can't promise any specific dates or times except to say we currently expect these to be sent this week.

Preview members should be safe to expect an invite to opt-in, or out, of the Windows 10 on Xbox One Preview some time this week, provided no more issues crop up on the technical side that would prevent them from sending out the invites.

In the meantime, how excited are you to be getting Windows 10 on Xbox One? What are you most hoping for? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Xbox Forums | Images: Xbox Wire

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