Microsoft's 'Switch to Windows Phone' Android app released

Microsoft's "Switch to Windows Phone" Android app is now available in the Google Play Store.

Last week, Neowin reported that Microsoft was developing a "Switch to Windows Phone" Android app that would be released within a week. Today marks that occasion as the app has been released through the Google Play Store.

As previously reported, the app works by inventorying a user's Android apps and saving the list for users to retrieve later. The service then finds replacement applications through Quixey's app search engine. If there is no official app equivalent, such as Instagram not having an official Windows Phone app, then Switch to Windows Phone will recommend a third-party alternative. 

After the app discovers recommended equivalents, users can save the list to a cloud storage service and then use a Windows Phone version of the app to see the full list and obtain links to download the equivalent apps.

A Quixey representative said the company "worked closely with the Windows Phone team on developing the app," though Microsoft has yet to respond to Neowin's request for comment about the app's release beyond saying last week that the company had nothing to share about the app.

Switch to Windows Phone requires Android 2.3.3 or newer and is immediately available for download. The app currently has a 1-star rating based on two user reviews. Though the first review mocked the purpose of the app without providing commentary about its quality ("I wonder if this mobile OS gets blue screens? Is that a feature?"), the second user review said the app is unusable when the battery of an Android device using it is below 50 percent, a claim Neowin corroborates.

Source: Google Play Store | Image via Google Play Store

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