Microsoft's turnaround netted CEO Satya Nadella $18.3 million this year

Being CEO of one of the largest companies in the world is sure to be a highly paying job and Nadella doesn't disappoint. A result of his incredible transformation of Microsoft in the two years he's been at the helm of the ship, CEO Satya Nadella was granted over $18 million as remuneration for this year alone.

That number boils down to a base salary of $1.2 million and $12.8 million in stock. In addition to that, he was also granted a whopping $4.3 million in bonuses for Microsoft's strong showing in the past couple of years. Microsoft's board justified the bonus by referring to Nadella's successes over the last few years as follows:

Mr. Nadella provided strong, consistent vision and execution on our mobile-first and cloud-first strategy, continued to effectively guide the transformation of the Company's culture and he effectively represented the Company with customers, partners, investors and employees...Mr. Nadella established and articulated the Company's three broad ambitions to focus the Company's offerings, and consolidated the operating systems and devices groups into the Windows and Devices Group. Under his leadership, Windows 10 was successfully launched and the executive compensation program became significantly more performance-based," the statement continued.

Microsoft's October launch event this year was one of the most exciting product launches ever in Microsoft's history, and much of the credit falls to Nadella's restructuring of the company around his vision of universal empowerment and productivity.

This award still pales in comparison to the $84.3 million he brought home in 2014, though a large part of that was attributed to around $80 million in stock which was part of his signing bonus as CEO.

Nadella is not, however, the only one to have exceeded expectation. The rest of Microsoft's executive staff also exceeded their expected bonuses, which can all be seen in the SEC filing submitted by the company.

Via: ZDnet

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