More Lumia 510 camera roll pictures leak. Nokia India teases launch

We reported some time ago on the Lumia 510. This will be the cheapest Lumia on the market, being aimed at emerging markets such as China and India. The phone has yet to be officially announced, but leaks over the past few weeks have been drawing a consistent picture of this device. We knew some of the internals but we didn't have any info on the camera until now.

A few leaked pictures whose EXIF data shows they were taken with the Lumia 510, have sprung up on Picasa and Google+. They seem to have been taken in India where the phone might be in testing further confirming that this is headed to lower end markets. Besides the picture you see above there's another one here. The aperture seems to be f/2.4 which isn't bad at all considering this device will be priced around $150 off contract. Of course these pictures might be fake so take this with a grain of salt, but honestly we don't see any reason why they would be.

Alongside the camera we already know about the 4" screen, 4GB or internal memory, only 256 RAM and the purported weight of only 129g. The phone will most likely launch with Windows Phone 7.5 and will receive the 7.8 upgrade early next year.

Nokia India also just posted a teaser on their Facebook page: "610 - 100 =? Stay tuned. Coming Soon". This confirms our prediction that the device will launch in India and other low-end market quite soon, and that it might launch with Windows Phone 7.5 rather than 7.8.

Source: WPSauce | Image: PocketNow

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