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More details on Nintendo's mysterious new DS portable system have come our way via the latest issue of Japan's Famitsu magazine.

The magazine clears up some confusion regarding the system's game storage media. Rather than standard cartridges, the DS will make use of thin card-type media. Apparently, this form of media uses a new type of semiconductor whose production cost is close to that of optical disk (DVD, CD, etc.). In addition, the media allows for quicker turnover times over cartridges in case of reorders for product.

Details on the system's appearance and functionality are also discussed by the magazine. The DS will make use of an LCD screen different from that of the Game Boy Advance. The possibility for connectivity with the Game Boy Advance has yet to be determined. However, Nintendo isn't so reserved on the idea of wireless LAN support, saying details on this feature will have to wait until E3. This seems to confirm that the system will indeed have wireless LAN.

And, just in case you were wondering, Nintendo plans on making use of rechargeable battery to power the system.

The magazine also reveals some details on software development. Development for the system has begun, with Miyamoto himself taking part. Nintendo feels that it will be able to reveal specifics on third party support at E3.

Pricing and launch details will have to wait until E3 and beyond. Nintendo plans to announce the price at E3, but this announcement could slip to the summer depending on the state of the LCD market. As for a launch date, Nintendo is currently planning for a worldwide simultaneous release at the end of 2004. However, this could change, again depending on the state of the LCD market. The company plans on revealing solid details on the launch of the system following its May financial report.

There are still lots of questions left to be answered regarding the DS. Expect more details to slip out leading up to E3.

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