More Real online content for Europeans

RealNetworks on Wednesday launched its subscription service in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, adding new content aimed at those audiences.

The streaming media company said European subscribers to RealOne SuperPass will receive content related to sports, music, entertainment and news from MTV, BBC Worldwide, Wimbledon and Europe, among others. For instance, European subscribers will receive live, 24-hour access to Webcasts of the TV show "Big Brother" as well as live audio coverage of the United European Football Association *cough* soccer *cough* matches.

That's UEFA Cup football to me. I see a problem here as many big club sides have their own exclusive cable channels, as well as online deals. Football would be a massive draw for this service so I would like to see how Real are going to include such sides as Manchester United without affecting existing deals. Can anyone confirm this?

European subscribers, however, will have to pay more than U.S. subscribers. RealNetworks said its European service will cost $14.19 (9.99 pounds) to $21.29 per month to subscribe, compared with the U.S. service that costs $9.95 to $19.95 per month. A RealNetworks representative said the price was based on the value of the content that would be available.

Europeans tend to get stiffed paying extra for everything else so why not this hey?

News source: c|net

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