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More Windows 10 SKUs show up in the latest SDK Preview

Microsoft released Windows 10 SDK Preview build 18298 earlier today, and while that news might not be exciting on its own, it's time for developers to dig into the build and see what they find. Much like how Windows Lite was discovered a few weeks ago, there are even more SKUs of Windows 10 on the way, and they're a little more self-explanatory, but no less interesting.

One of the two new OS definitions found is PRODUCT_HOLOGRAPHIC_BUSINESS, which sits alongside PRODUCT_HOLOGRAPHIC. The best takeaway that we can get from this is that Microsoft is likely splitting up the software that runs on HoloLens into consumer and business variants. This could indicate that there's a long-awaited consumer model on the way; after all, the original model was squarely aimed at businesses and developers, so there was never a need for a second SKU of the OS. There are, however, business features that can be accessed with the Commercial Suite, so it's also possible that Microsoft is just breaking this off into a separate SKU.

The other one is PRODUCT_IOTENTERPRISES, and this one is just odd. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is already a thing, and as you can see from the screenshot, so is PRODUCT_IOTENTERPRISE. It's unclear what this product is actually for, but we'll try to do some digging.

Obviously, these are just codenames in the SDK, and they sit alongside other products we haven't seen, like PRODUCT_ANDROMEDA and PRODUCT_LITE. For now, we can only speculate what they mean.

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