Moto Z2 Force shows off its headphone jack in new renders

It was almost a year ago when Lenovo debuted its latest handset, the Z and Z Force. Both handsets offered a styling that was different from the firm's previous offerings sporting a huge camera bump on the back with a 16-pin connector towards the bottom. While these two portions stuck out aesthetically, they served a purpose of supporting the firms take on modular accessories, Moto Mods. Unlike LG that completely abandoned its modular design after only one iteration, Moto is sticking to its formula, as we can see in the render above.

According to the folks at Android Authority, the render above is what the upcoming Moto Z2 Force will look like. If unfamiliar, the Z Force line offers all the same powerful processor as its slimmer Z counterpart, but offers a bit more ruggedness thanks to its ShatterShield display. In addition to the rugged exterior, the handset also has offered in the past a larger battery, along with a larger camera sensor. Naturally, a lot of the specs of the Z2 Force are currently unknown, but what we can see from the renders is that the handset will bring back the headphone jack for 2017, which is quite a nice surprise.

Source: Android Authority

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