Motorola announces 23 phones getting Android 11, showing how convoluted its lineup is

Today, Motorola announced a long list of phones that it plans to update to the latest version of Android, Android 11. In its entirety, there are 23 smartphones on the list, ranging from the firm's latest razr and edge flagships, to its moto g and one mid-range devices. None of the moto e entry-level devices are getting an upgrade.

Here's the full list, including one Lenovo-branded smartphone:

  • motorola razr 5G
  • motorola razr 2019
  • motorola edge
  • motorola edge+
  • motorola one 5G
  • motorola one action¹
  • motorola one fusion
  • motorola one fusion+
  • motorola one hyper
  • motorola one vision
  • moto g 5G
  • moto g 5G plus
  • moto g fast
  • moto g power
  • moto g pro
  • moto g stylus
  • moto g9
  • moto g9 play
  • moto g9 plus
  • moto g9 power
  • moto g8
  • moto g8 power
  • Lenovo K12 Note

You'll notice that while 23 devices sounds like a lot, it's not actually because Motorola is expanding its support to older or lower-end devices. No, it's just a reflection of how large and confusing the company's lineup has become. There are now 12 moto g devices that fall under the two-year support umbrella, and then another six Motorola one devices that are in the same mid-range category. That makes up for over three quarters of the list.

And then you have the two razr and two edge handsets, which make up the flagship segment. One line of devices to not make the list is moto z, so we can probably assume that the moto z line is dead (we've reached out to Motorola for confirmation). The moto z line was introduced as a replacement for the moto z in the flagship segment, offering modular attachments. Over the years, the devices became less premium in an attempt to lower the cost of the device itself and therefore lower the cost of the package of the phone and some moto mods.

Motorola didn't say when these devices will get their Android 11 updates, but they'll likely arrive throughout 2021.

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