Motorola hints at tablet; unveiling at CES 2011

The tablet market was a very niche market last year, but since the debut of the iPad, consumers seem to be flocking to stores to snatch one up. Many competitors, including Blackberry and Samsung, have unveiled their tablet computers to the market.

Yesterday, a video appeared on YouTube teasing consumers of a Motorola tablet coming to the market. The video shows a number of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets up to the most recent iPad and Galaxy tablets. The final scene displays the Motorola logo and "CES 2011" written over it, confirming that the company will unveil their tablet in January.

The video shows the evolution of tablets, poking fun at the disadvantages of each one. The video jokingly makes fun of the iPad as being a giant iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Tab for running Android, an operating system typical ran on phones.

It appears that Motorola will unveil a brand new operating system, with supporting hardware that will rival both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab.

Neowin will be live at CES 2011 in Las Vegas between January 6-9.

Thanks to dknm for posting this in the forums!

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