MS Address Win2003, E-Business Server Compatibility Issues

Microsoft next month plans to release service packs to enable Commerce Server 2002 and Content Management Server 2002 to run on the latest Windows Server 2003 operating system.

Currently, solution providers wanting to move customers on those e-business servers to Windows Server 2003 find it a rough row to hoe and are waiting for code to facilitate the transition.

"We have to continue developing on Windows Server 2000 and then forklift everything over to 2003. We're waiting for an infrastructure fix that we presume will not affect the functionality of the solutions we're building," said one East Coast solution provider familiar with the issue.

"We can't even upgrade to [the current] Visual Studio .Net 2003 because that requires .Net Framework 1.1. There is a complete disconnect between the current version of Visual Studio and the e-business servers. Everyone in the midtier is affected by this," he continued.

When Windows Server 2003 shipped in late April, after many delays and much hoopla, solution providers had expected updates for the e-business servers to follow shortly. That did not happen.

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