Multiplicity Announced

Software developer Stardock has announced a new program this week, Multiplicity. This program enables users to work with multiple computers as if they were a single unit. It functions similarly to a multi-monitor setup except that each monitor is on its own computer with a single "master" computer being the only one with a keyboard and mouse.

A user wishing to control 2 computers, for example, with Multiplicity would have two computers with at least 1 monitor connected to each of these computers. The first computer would have a keyboard and mouse. They work together through a network connection and the result is completely seamless.

It also creates a universal clipboard between all the machines. A Pro version adds support for doing seamless file/directory copies using the copy/paste functionality in Windows. Stardock is targeting power users, gamers, engineers, beta testers, and more with this new program. Stardock believes the main benefit, not easily demonstrated in a screenshot or news item, is how usable it is. The ease of setup, reliability, and seamlessness of it are what Stardock feels will make it very useful to users.

Multiplicity is scheduled for release at the end of this month. Demo versions will be available.

View: Article: Multiplicity in Action

View: Multiplicity home page

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