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Save up to 50% on Start11, Groupy, and other must-have Windows 11 and 10 utilities

Those unhappy with what Windows 10 or 11 offers out-of-box can pimp their systems with several must-have utilities from Stardock. The company has put on sale most of its Windows tools, allowing users to save on apps that upgrade the Start menu, create tabbed UI for all apps, customize the cursor, make it easier to control several PCs with one mouse and keyboard, and more. Besides, you can get all the apps in a single package at a notably lower price.

Here are the apps available on sale:

A highly customizable alternative for the standard Start menu in Windows. It offers many features Windows 11 lacks, such as the ability to ungroup icons, move the taskbar to the top, reposition the Start button, etc.

Windows 11 desktop with the Start11 app running

Fences 4 lets you organize files on the desktop using multipage areas for folders, shortcuts, specific files, etc. You can collapse and expand the Fences and access them from any application or environment.


Groupy allows placing different apps in a single window with tabs. The app supports saving groups and automatic grouping instances of the same app. Keep your computer organized, and stop juggling those numerous windows.

Multiplicity is a wireless KVM solution that lets you control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard and without additional hardware. You can also move files between computers quickly and securely and protect your data with AES 256 encryption.

Add extra customization to your desktop with various animated pictures and video backgrounds. You can create your own variants and share them with other DeskScapes users.


Cursor FX 4 is a must-have app for those who want a customized mouse cursor with extra features, such as fancy animation, sound effects, and more. Like DeskScapes 11, Cursor FX 4 allows sharing your custom cursor and downloading other user-generated variants.

Your all-in-one solution, a suite full of Windows desktop enhancement and customization tools. Besides offering the apps above, Object Desktop provides exclusive access to new software and an easy-to-use app manager with automatic updates installations.

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