Need for Speed Shift coming in September

The latest iteration of the Need for Speed is set for a September 17 release in the UK and on September 22 for the US. The game's couldn't come any sooner as the last two were not up to the quality that the franchise's fans were accustomed to. From rumours that the series itself was dead, to this complete revival of the series, their hasn't been any lack of drama for the team over at EA.

The series has taken a new direction, one of which seems similar to Codemasters brilliant raicing title GRID, in terms of gameplay. The game is now being done by Slightly Mad Studios, the ones responsible for simulation titles such as GT Legends and GTR2.

The game will feature an in car view, the first since the Porsche Unleashed title and will focus on simulation and pleasing the hardcore fans of the series, something that seems rare in an industry that is trying to cater to the casual gamers. The game is set to be released for Sony's Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the PC.

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