Neowin Member Interview: Asa Dotzler - Firefox Developer

I recently chatted with Asa Dotzler of the Mozilla Foundation, about the future of Firefox and the upcoming Firefox 1.1 build.

Asa Dotzler is best known for his work on Mozilla. In addition to being the QA lead, including community quality advocate for the project, Dotzler is also the Firefox and Thunderbird product release manager. He joined to turbo-charge their quality programs and to further develop their volunteer QA and testing community. When he's not helping new contributors test Mozilla and report bugs he's working with to define requirements for and ship Mozilla product releases.

First of all thank you for doing this interview Asa.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Tell a little about yourself and your position on the Firefox team.

I've been working on the Mozilla project for about six years. For the first year I was volunteering and working to coordinate and build out a large volunteer quality assurance and testing community. Mozilla hired me to continue that effort but I soon got involved with project management, technical roadmap development, release management, and more. I was also one of the original group that started the then side project called m/b (short for mozilla/browser, the CVS repository where the Firefox browser was born) which would eventually become Phoenix, then Firebird, and now Firefox. My current role in the Mozilla Foundation is community focused with lots of involvement at the Spread Firefox effort that Blake Ross and I started about this time last year. I also work with the QA and testing community, the Firefox product team, and our various product release teams.

To read the rest of the interview click the Read More link. Enjoy Neowinians!

View: Asa Dotzler's Blog

View: Mozilla Firefox

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