Neowin News: An Open Letter to..

Well just about everybody. Today I want to grab the attention of all the people that are unregistered and come here from other sites to post bad comments on the style of the reporting here on Neowin.

We have seen bad and what I consider to be lame comments here because we at Neowin believe that comments should be available to all. Anonymous users may comment this will simply change on Neowin if the trend continues. I am even sickened to see that some of the lamer comments come from staff (that claim to be) of affiliate sites.

Old News Its the "in thing to do" complain about an article that is 1 to 14 days old, well I think before you complain you should consider these facts.

  • The article was not posted on other news sites and received no attention, we at Neowin decided it was worth a look so we posted it even if it was a few days old.

  • We have a day job, families, lives. If you pay us we'll gladly sit for 8 hours a day (during the day) to post new and "cutting edge news"

  • We regulary post "firsts" but these are then often used on our affiliate or other tech related sites without credit making you think we are never first when this is entirely not true
We do not make a habit (unlike others) to mail out everything we post, we know our affiliates and others view Neowin daily because we see our news copied over (more than often word for word) while most DO credit us on a daily basis (hell that must mean we are first or posting new news?) others believe creditting is not something we really want. This is of course nonsense.

We have worked hard to get the massive userbase here at Neowin and it is a shame that a few "unregistered" users find it completely their soul purpose to bad mouth the comments sections. Our news posters are dedicated in as much that they give up their free time to post news from around the web and tech world.

The other point I would like to make is the comments that we "should do our own news" we do regulary, but as I said this is swallowed up by the rest of the tech community and more than often not creditted. We are more than often on the cutting edge of Microsoft releases and news. We have even posted news articles before they appeared on giants like ZDnet and C|Net. Take a look at our archives and compare. We post alot daily for a site that is free without the hassle of pops, adverts and where our staff are unpaid and do not get any perks.

Anyway please (I know this is difficult) try to take these points into consideration when complaining about an article that was written 2 weeks before and never appeared on a tech site till Neowin posted it.

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