Neowin Upgrade Today or Tomorrow

Charles of Invision Power Services has just told me that the new Neowin machine has arrived and will be hooked up today or tomorrow depending on when its ready. There should be no downtime as this all take place locally but teething problems *may* occur so thats why we are posting this so everyone knows.

Our specs will more than double from the 1.2GHz Celeron / 512mb Ram (later upgraded to 1GB) IDE dedicated machine to this beast listed below, all for Neowin.

Dual 1.4GHz Processor (Intel)


2 36 GB SCSI Drives

RAID 1 (Mirroring)

I think you can agree that IPS have come through on their word to support and sponsor Neowin. My thanks go to Charles & Matt of IPS and as extended gratitude I will be purchasing the Invision Board Support Package using Neowin as the referer. You can help too, if you need hosting please use our referrer link also located in the sidemenu under sponsors. Or you can click on the banner to view the many services they offer.

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