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PSA: Support for Exchange Server 2013 is ending soon

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If you're an IT admin responsible for managing the technical infrastructure of your organization and you have been slacking off on updating legacy systems, you may want to read Microsoft's latest advisory. The company has issued an announcement stating that Exchange Server 2013 is running out of support soon.

Exchange Server 2013 will reach end of support on April 11, 2023, which is less than two months away. While the system will continue to function beyond the aforementioned date, you will not receive any technical support, bug fixes, security updates, and time zone updates from Microsoft moving forward. So even if your installation becomes unstable or vulnerably to security risks, you will not be guaranteed any official patches.

Microsoft has recommended updating to Exchange Online or Exchange Server 2019. The former is Microsoft's preferred installation because it is managed, which means that it's Microsoft's responsibility to ensure that it is secure and functional. Meanwhile, the latter will likely be preferred by organizations who want to maintain their systems on-premises and have more control over their installation.

If you're considering upgrading to Exchange Online, check out the associated migration guide. Meanwhile, if you want to upgrade to Exchange Server 2019 instead, read the documentation here. Don't forget to check out the guide outlining the decommissioning process for Exchange Server 2013 either.

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