New Army Men Game On The Way

Never thought I'd be seeing another Army Men game. This time Globalstar Software is the one publishing the game. Army Men was 3DOs little project till the company died off last year. This new Army Men game dubbed Army Men: Sarge's War is due in August and will launch on the GameCube & Xbox. The best part is the games price which is only $14.99.

Not even the death of 3DO can stop them. But, wait, could this title be actually good?

Globalstar Software is currently at work on a new game in the Army Men series, which was originally handled by 3DO before the company went belly up last year. The game is called Army Men: Sarge's War, and it's due for release this August for the GameCube and Xbox. The story goes like this...

On the verge of a long-awaited peace between the Green and the Tan, rogue elements of the Tan Army draw Sarge and his men out into the field. Out in the field, Sarge discovers a new and diabolical enemy-Colonel Malice-equipped with weapons that threaten the very existence of the Green Nation. With his squad destroyed, Sarge becomes a one-man army out to stop Colonel Malice at all costs.

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News source: GameDAILY

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