New Kinect app lets people do their banking with gestures

Would you like to do activities such as online banking with the coolness factor of a motion controlled Xbox 360 game? The Lithuanian based company Etronika hopes so. The company recently announced it has developed a new application based on Microsoft's Kinect motion controller camera that lets people use just the movements of their hands and arms to control a number of online banking features.

The Kinect app can be seen in action at the video below. Etronika has created its own user interface for the program which lets users flip through a series of colored square icons with just the wave of their hands and arms. Users can look over their banking account with the app, pay bills online, transfer money and more. At one point a user is seen waving his hands to transfer info from his account to a smartphone icon. He then pulls out the phone and looks over the info he has just moved via the Kinect app.

Wired reports that the idea of the Kinect banking app was simply to make handing your finances more fun. Etronika CEO Kestutis Gardziulis says, "A lot of banking software apps are filled with boring crap. With our software, you could be on the couch at home, having a beer, all while dealing with your bank account and kicking back." So far Microsoft has not allowed anyone to  sell Kinect apps them for commercial use but hopefully an SDK version made specifically for paid apps will be announced soon.

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