No Man's Sky Living Ship update delivers biological starships that hatch from eggs

No Man's Sky today received another major content update, expanding its quirky universe in even more ways. The name of the update, Living Ship, manages to describe its contents quite well, as now the game has fully organic sentient starships, alongside some other features.

These organic ship creatures are hatched from eggs, and players can nurture various internal organs as they grow to improve the final ship's abilities, such as improving the hyperdrive for instance. There is a new series of story missions that explore the origin of these mysterious ships as well. Hello Games added that players that want to "incubate, grow and ultimately fly their own living ship should visit the Space Anomaly and follow the call of the Void Egg."

The innards of these ships are quite different from regular vehicles as well, delivering an unsettling organic cockpit made out of tendrils which promises to be a weird experience especially in VR for PC and PlayStation 4 players.

In addition to a bunch of quality of life changes and bug fixes, the Living Ship update also carries new space encounters, where players can come across "mysterious space objects and strange new lifeforms." Full patch notes can be seen here.

In closing, Hello Games said that this new faster pace for No Man's Sky updates - that now arrive monthly - will continue going forward, filled with smaller but still enjoyable new features. As for the long term, the development team is still working on things "more radical" in the background.

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