No Man's Sky Origins update out now, expands universe

Today Guildford-based video game developer Hello Games rolled out a major update for its dystopian survival title No Man's Sky. The latest update, version 3.0, adds an expansion pack titled Origins to the base game. Players get to experience a tonne of new features and a significantly larger in-game universe.

Origins adds more planets with various different kinds of landscapes and terrains for players to explore. The expansion pack also brings more details to the plants, wildlife and ecosystems of No Man's Sky. Update 3.0 adds new creatures, colourful new plants, newly birthed stars, diverse terrains and unique new atmospheres, lighting, and weather conditions.

The newly introduced variety of flora and fauna are interactive and can be harvested as edible produce. As part of the new update, a few planets have been overtaken by plant and anomalous lifeform infestations. Similarly, Sandworms have also been added to a number of planets. Apart from new creatures such as wild robots, aliens and insects, new NPCs have also been added. Traders have been introduced to the game, offering wares and black-market upgrades.

During their travels, players may also come across new buildings, ruins, and civilizations. The new colossal buildings and settlements can be explored to uncover alien histories or to take on new missions. These places will also feature new NPCs and shops residing in the new communities.

As for the game's UI, the latest update also refreshes that with a complete visual overhaul, new features, and improvements made to previously existing options and menus. An improved Photo Mode is also available in No Man's Sky now. Other in-game additions include multi-tool upgrades, changes to crafting and items, the removal of portal interference and a lot of bug fixes.

No Man's Sky Origins is out now and can be downloaded by players free of charge on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Owners of the base game can access it by updating the game to the latest version. Detailed information and patch notes about Origins can be found on the game's official website.

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