Nokia has made its final phone in Finland

In June, Nokia announced its latest in a series of job cuts. A total of 10,000 team members are scheduled to lose their positions at the company by the end of 2013. Some of those workers are located in Nokia's native country of Finland.

This week, Nokia's Salo phone factory in Finland shipped out its last device. The local news website reports that the phone was shipped on Wednesday (the model name was not revealed). On Friday, Nokia confirmed that it will close its Salo plant in September.

It's the end of an era for the company that was once the largest maker of mobile phones in the world. 780 people worked at the plant and they will be among 3,700 Finland-based Nokia employees who will have to find new jobs.

Even if Nokia managed to keep itself afloat via the launch of new smartphones based on Windows Phone 8, it's unlikely that it will return to making those devices in Finland again. Factories based in China and other Asian territories have made the creation of smartphones and other high tech devices quicker and cheaper for the most part than factories based in Europe and the US.


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