Nokia sponsors new Windows Phone camera app dev contest

With Nokia now taking pre-orders in the US for the Lumia 1020, a lot of people will soon get a chance to check out the smartphone's 41 megapixel camera and also its Pro Camera software features. Now Nokia has announced it is sponsoring a new Windows Phone app developer contest designed specifically to improve camera and imaging apps for Microsoft's mobile OS.

Nokia's blog has the details on the Nokia Future/Capture contest, which is open to Windows Phone developers worldwide. Developers can submit up to three ideas for imaging-based apps or hacks that can be used on the Nokia Lumia 1020. The deadline for entries is July 31st.

Nokia will pick the 10 best ideas and will fly the winners to a hackathon in Lund, Sweden, where they will try to turn their idea into an actual Windows Phone app. There's also a final twist to this contest that won't be revealed until the hackathon begins.

After the hackathon is over, the winner who has what Nokia thinks is the best app will not only win their own Nokia Lumia 1020 but they will go on yet another trip to another Nokia VIP event where their app will get a special showcase. In addition, the app will get some special promotions when it is released on the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Nokia | Image via Nokia

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