Nook Tablet ships early; pre-orders get tablet today

Barnes and Noble wants people to know that it can play Amazon's game as well. Amazon shipped its Kindle Fire seven inch tablet one day early but now Barnes and Noble's rival $249 Nook Tablet is doing the same. Originally scheduled to ship for people who pre-ordered the tablet on Thursday, reports that the tablet will actually be showing up at customers doorsteps today. People who pre-ordered the tablet for pick up at one of Barnes and Noble's retail stores can also head over and pick up their new Nook Tablet today.

The rest of us who want to see the tablet for ourselves before purchasing it will be able to do so on Thursday at Barnes and Noble's stores, again one day earlier than originally announced.

So far there are no reviews of the Nook Tablet. The product may be $50 more than the Kindle Fire but the Nook Tablet has double the memory and twice the internal storage (16 GB compared to the Kindle Fire's 8GB). But as Engadget reports, there is an odd twist to the Nook Tablet's storage capacity. It limits the user to just 1 GB of storage for any content that is not directly purchased from Barnes and Noble.

While the company confirmed this rather strange limitation, it did add that it plans to offer more storage space on the tablet for third party downloads. We do have to wonder why Barnes and Noble would make such a restriction in the first place but we also bet that someone will hack into the Nook Tablet and remedy this issue pretty quickly.

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