Nvidia took graphics share from AMD last quarter

AMDs share of the microprocessor market might be on the rise again, but things dont look too good on the graphics front. Market research firm Jon Peddie Research has published PC graphics market numbers for the second quarter of this year, and the firm says AMDs slice of the overall market has dropped to 19.5%—down from 21.9% in the first quarter. By contrast, Nvidias overall PC graphics market share went up just over four points from 28.5% to 32.6%, while Intels lost about a point, slipping from 38.7% to 37.6%. According to JPR, AMDs and Intels results were more or less typical for that time of the year, but Nvidias gains were significant.

Comparing numbers for the second quarter with those from a year before, it seems Nvidia and AMD have more or less swapped places. A year ago, AMD held 26.7% of the graphics market, while Nvidia had only 19.7%. As for Intel, it had a slightly bigger piece of the pie back then—40.4%.

News source: The Tech Report

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