NYC TV news station thought iPhone 5 has holographic screen

Jimmy Kimmel Live recently showed that a lot of folks don't know the difference between the iPhone 4S and the upcoming iPhone 5. Now you can add an actual news division of a major TV station in New York City that can't do some very simple fact checking.

The YouTube user ralphardi posted up a Shaky Cam video of his TV set, showing a simple news report from the Fox 5 TV station in NYC reporting on the line in front of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store that is forming ahead of the iPhone 5 launch on Friday. Then the report takes a very different turn.

The video then cuts to a version of the iPhone that we have never seen before, at least in real life. Not only is this "iPhone 5" paper thin with a very large screen, it also shows the device generating a holographic keyboard and screen. In fact, the video footage comes from a fan-made video that was posted on YouTube in August 2011.

The Fox 5 website buried a correction to the video on its website Wednesday but offered no explanation on how the fan-made video footage found its way on its news report.

Source: YouTube

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