OCZ Technology Recalls Thermal Compound

OCZ Technology – a well-known vendor of computer components, such as memory modules or coolers, designed for overclockers and enthusiasts – said it would recall its Ultra 2 thermal compound because it did not meet declared specifications. Apparently, the thermal grease contained no silver, even though it should have 25% of silver by volume and 70% by weight. According to the statement issued by the company Friday, OCZ does not manufacture Ultra 2 thermal compound in house, but it is provided by a foreign manufacturer with certain specifications. Previous independent lab tests conducted at the request of OCZ have shown that the silver compound content in Ultra 2 is 25% by volume and 70% by weight.

In response to an article published by OverClockers.com, OCZ has submitted another batch of Ultra 2 to a third party for extensive lab testing. This independent lab report shows that the most recent batch of OCZ Ultra 2 indeed contains less than 1% silver by volume. While simultaneously the company also received lab reports from an outside source indicating the silver content to be 30% by weight. This lead the firm to the conclusion that recent batch or batches of OCZ Ultra 2 from their supplier did not meet the agreed specifications. "We accept full responsibility for these problems and we will be seeking legal action against our supplier," spokesperson from OCZ said.

News source: X-bit labs

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