OnePlus teases another variant of its flagship 5

Back in June, OnePlus launched its new flagship device, the 5, which received a lot of complaints regarding different issues including the jelly scroll bug caused by the inverted display and the 911 call issue. However, it looks like this has not stopped the firm from releasing a new variant of the same phone. The company has posted some teasers today, leaving it to people's imaginations to guess what's coming?

While some people thought it could be OnePlus 5T (probably because no antenna lines are shown in the upcoming version in the above pic), most people were confident that the firm will be releasing the phone in a new color. It is very unlikely that the company will release OnePlus 5T, since the 5 already contains Qualcomm's latest chipset.

As far as the color guesses are concerned, the most guesses were of gold and red colors. If we look at the TENNA listing of the handset, it shows mint gold along with black and gray colors for the phone. The handset was launched in Midnight Black and Slate Gray color, so we may get a gold variant now.

OnePlus may have made the quest easier for the people as it posted a teaser video on Twitter and Facebook just a few hours after this image was published.

If we give a closer look to the video, it can be seen that everything on the table is either in black or gray color, the shirt is in white and the background is in rose gold color. Now looking back at the teaser image we can see that the upcoming version is shown in white along with the already released variants. Linking both the image and the video, it can be assumed that the handset may get released in a rose gold color soon.

Whether it's OnePlus 5T or a new color, we may not have to wait long to find that out as the firm may be revealing it on August 7.

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Source: Facebook, Twitter, Weibo | Image: Facebook

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