OneWeb partners with Vocus to deliver comms services in Australia

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OneWeb has announced that it has partnered with Vocus to help it deliver satellite services in Australia. The partnership will deliver fibre-like services to enterprises, but with a slight twist, the internet connectivity will be coming from space rather than cables. The pair hope to secure their first commercial customers in the country during the middle of 2022.

Some of the industries that OneWeb and Vocus hope to serve include mining, oil and gas, utilities, construction, and community aggregation. They said their services will deliver a range of benefits including improved corporate efficiency, health and safety, asset tracking, environmental monitoring, and new operational applications.

Commenting on the partnership, Neil Masterson, OneWeb CEO, said:

“OneWeb stands ready to enter the Australian market for the first time and become part of the solution to bridge the digital divide across the country. We always partner with local specialists and together with Vocus, we’ll soon be able to bring affordable, high-speed internet to businesses and communities and every hard-to-reach part of Australia.”

If OneWeb’s name sounds familiar, it’ll be because we’ve reported about the company on a number of occasions especially in This Week in Rocket Launches. The company frequently launches new satellites into space to grow its satellite constellation so it can beam internet back to Earth.

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