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Microsoft expands Priva product portfolio to offer robust privacy and compliance solutions

As more and more people become aware of data privacy, companies need to ensure that their users are aware about how their data is collected and used. Moreover, many countries have their own laws, and becoming compliant all across the board is a complex requirement. Microsoft is trying to solve this problem using its Priva product portfolio to assist organizations in managing privacy challenges that arise from complex regulatory requirements and evolving regulations. The company has expanded the Priva portfolio to include a new set of products under its family.

Microsoft Priva

Microsoft first launched Privacy Management for Microsoft 365 in 2021 and aimed to automate risk mitigation, manage subject rights requests, and enhance privacy operations that are related to personal data. The new solutions offered by Microsoft Priva expand beyond that and include Privacy Risk Management, Subject Rights Requests for data within Microsoft 365, Consent Management, Privacy Assessments, and Tracker Scanning across a company's entire data estate.

Here's a summary of the key solutions within the Priva family of products:

1. Microsoft Priva Privacy Assessments:

  • Automates the discovery, documentation, and evaluation of personal data use.
  • Embeds custom privacy risk frameworks into assessments to identify factors contributing to privacy risk.
  • Monitors personal data usage and evaluates privacy risks to lower organizational risk and build trust with data subjects.

2. Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management:

  • Simplifies the identification of unstructured personal data usage.
  • Automates risk mitigation through easily definable policies tailored to specific needs.
  • Identifies personal data and critical privacy risks, automates risk mitigation, and empowers employees to make informed data handling decisions.

3. Microsoft Priva Tracker Scanning:

  • Automates the discovery and categorization of tracking technologies on websites.
  • Helps organizations remediate risks for tracker non-compliance and monitor website compliance effectively.
  • Enables organizations to standardize tracking compliance at scale and enhance privacy posture for maximum control and visibility.

4. Microsoft Priva Consent Management:

  • Streamlines consent management and consented data usage to meet data privacy regulations.
  • Creates customizable and regulatory-compliant consent models for easy deployment.
  • Simplifies the deployment of consent models at scale and provides organization-specific layouts for consent models.

5. Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests:

  • Automates the fulfillment of subject rights requests across various data environments.
  • Manages access, deletion, and export of subject rights requests across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.
  • Enables organizations to streamline subject rights request tasks and build trust with customers through efficient management.

These solutions help organizations establish and oversee privacy protocols across their entire data estates, which ensure compliance and minimize privacy-related risks.

The tool works in conjunction with Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager as well to offer data protection and privacy assessment templates that correspond to compliance regulations and industry standards. Microsoft also announced the new Priva Portal, which is under preview, using which IT admins can explore and utilize the new solutions. Users can continue to access these features in the classic Microsoft Purview compliance portal as well.

Microsoft Purview is available as an add-on to eligible Microsoft 365 customers. Microsoft also offers a free trial to customers to try Priva Subject Rights Requests for 90 days or create up to 50 subject rights requests (whichever limit expires first). Individual requests will cost $199.80 /request if not included as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription.

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