OnLive in talks with Sony and Microsoft on adding tech to PS3 and Xbox 360

The OnLive streaming cloud-based gaming service is in talks with both Sony and Microsoft about bring its technology to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. This revelation comes from an interview at Computer and Video Games with OnLive vice president of engineering Joe Bentley who states, "Absolutely, they would make great consoles. Our controller is a hybrid between a PS3 controller and an Xbox controller. It's all compatible, it would just work. There are OnLive guys chatting [Sony and MS], but we'll see where it goes. But it would absolutely work, we're ready to work with everybody."

The OnLive service, which celebrated its first anniversary here in the US earlier this month, lets PC and Mac gamers stream and play full games in just a few minutes. OnLive also sells a Microconsole and controller that allows TVs to access the OnLive service with a wired Ethernet connection required. The company plans to expand the streaming services to smartphones, tablets and via built in TV support later this year.

However a deal to allow the OnLive service to work on game consoles, similar to how those products support the Netflix streaming music service, would be a huge deal for OnLive. Bentley states, "What people are realising and waking up to is everything could be a console, why shouldn't you be able to take your game everywhere. I think the timing of this is perfect."

In a separate article, Bentley also claims that Valve, which runs the Steam PC game download service, " ... really like what we're doing. I can't go into specifics of any conversations we've had but we have had conversations with everybody in the industry. They really dig OnLive." He added that Valve's head man Gabe Newell is " ... really fascinated with our features and given us a lot of suggestions, they've got similar features coming out and we've chatted about really innovative ideas."

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