Ottomans come prepared for war with Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion

As the Gathering Storm expansion of Civilization VI draws nearer to launch, Firaxis Games has unveiled another new civilization incoming to the 4X strategy title along with the DLC: Ottomans.

Being led by Suleiman, the Ottoman civilization will be adept at building and using siege units. In addition to an extra 50% production boost, siege units will also have bonus strength against district defenses. Meanwhile, cities won't lose any of their population when being conquered by Ottomans, and foreign cities under Ottoman control gain extra amenities and loyalty per turn as well.

Suleiman's own leader ability gives players access to an exclusive new Governor - Ibrahim - that arrives with the unique ability to set up in another civilization's city. Replacing the Bank and being introduced as the unique building of Ottomans is the Grand Bazaar. This building will provide extra copies of strategic resources and amenities that exist within the city.

Lastly, we arrive at the two new unique units. The Ottomans bring the Barbary Corsair, a Privateer replacing ship that doesn't use up movement points when raiding coastal tiles. Next, Suleiman's unique unit, the Janissary, replaces the Musketman.

While it is much cheaper to produce, starts with a free promotion, and is stronger than the unit it replaces, there is a downside to the Janissary. Unless it is being trained in a conquered city, the Janissary will consume a population point when built, pushing Ottoman players further into expanding their empire by force.

The Gathering Storm expansion is bringing along eight new civilizations with it, and this reveal marks the seventh one. The expansion is scheduled to launch on February 14 for PC, and details on its new features can be read here.

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