Outlaw Golf preview

This is not shaping up to be your father's golf game, not by a long shot. Outlaw Golf may be the first golfing game for Xbox, but anyone expecting a Tiger Woods' style experience should probably think again. Perhaps the best way to sum up this game is to think of how the classic film Caddy Shack would have turned out if Tom Green and the crew from MTV's Jackass made it instead. While the actual film certainly broke the typical conceptions of golf, this game goes an extra mile.

That's because Outlaw Golf features a cast of characters that include strippers and biker chicks along with courses that just verge on the surreal. But more importantly, even with this whimsical humor bent that sets the tone of the game, the core is still a hardcore golf simulation. In fact, anyone who plays this upcoming title may learn something about the sport without even really knowing it.

News source: SportPlanet

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