Ping-Pong gets a 21st century makeover in a London bar

If you thought traditional Ping-Pong (otherwise known as table tennis) hit its peak back in the 1970s, you'd be wrong; with Bounce, a bar in London is giving the game a new makeover using state-of-the-art technology and several additional new game modes, that is sure to catch your attention.

Using Projection Mapping technology, the flat surface of the table turns into a display of sorts, and instantly becomes an interactive gaming experience called Wonderball. In addition to a basic game of table tennis, it adds several other game modes, including Splat, Odd Bod Squad, Hit Machine, Hexogasm, and more. Each one of these games come with different rules and, as seen in the video above, gives the player some interesting challenges.

The ping-pong ball is neon colored, which - one can assume - makes it easier for the system to detect during fast movements. The projection is displayed in 4K, which should keep the visual aspect crisp and easy to read. Beyond that, the game extends the reach of the experience to allow for several players to join in, instead of the standard two-player mode.

To experience this on October 9 you will, unfortunately, have to make reservations with the bar, as one would expect, since there are only a few tables available from what can be extrapolated from the Bounce website, a bar catering specifically to those who are enthusiastic about the game of Ping-Pong.

Lightform, a start-up created by the team behind the IllumiRoom concept Microsoft Research worked on, aims to bring this kind of augmented reality using projection mapping to the home with a device that connects to a standard projector, which then enables 'magical experiences with light'.

Source: Business Insider

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