Poll: Do you use Windows 8 picture password feature to login?

When Microsoft launched Windows 8, they made a big fuss about the picture password feature. This new way of logging in is based on creating a pattern of touch points that will serve as your password; simply put, touch the same spots each time on the picture to unlock your machine.

Considering that Windows 8 has been out in the market for a couple of years and that we now have all sorts of different touch enabled devices, we are curious if you use the picture password on your machines. After a asking the question on Twitter, it seems that, when the picture password is used, the likely scenario is that it is with a tablet and traditional PC users still prefer text password entry.

If you do use the picture password feature, let us know in the comments below when and where you use it. We will be curious to see if Neowin users adopted the alternative login method or have stuck to traditional text passwords.

Image Credit: Microsoft


Do you use a picture password to login?

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