Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Hits Stores Early

Brits love their footie, so when family retailer Woolworths released Pro Evolution Soccer 6 two days early they should have expected at least a little bit of fuss to be made about it. After reading about the early release on Gamespot this morning I headed off into the dangerous place that is Luton Town centre on a bank holiday week and low and behold, Pro Evo 6 is on sale, pretty much everywhere.

Obviously Konami are a little annoyed at this leak, which they say is unfair on stores that haven't yet received their shipments of the game with a Konami rep stating, "The situation could escalate into retail and chart chaos, this is not something we condone." "It leads to anarchy in the market, and some retailers who do not yet have stock or are unable to react quick enough will be disadvantaged."

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is officially released tomorrow, but if you have time you can still venture into your own chav infested town centre and attempt to pick one up today.

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