PSP firmware v5.0 to enable access to PlayStation Store

It's been a while since a PSP firmware update did anything really interesting, but it seems like firmware v5.0 could be the one that changes all that.

French site PSPgen has managed to obtain information (translated by Joystiq) from an unnamed French developer supposedly working on the beta version of the future firmware update. And the information goes: it will allow direct access to the PlayStation Store - something which has been promised for a while now but hasn't materialised.

The firmware is also rumoured to include an improved RSS reader with text file support, and a screen capture mode that supports in-game screenshots.

A release date for the update is the one thing that hasn't been leaked, although the site speculates it might coincide with the launch of the PSP-3000, due on October 17th in the UK (October 14th in the US).

Seeing as we're only on firmware v4.05 at the moment, that means we'll be reaching number 5 pretty swiftly. But hey, it's Sony's console - they can do what they like with it.

We will, of course, bring you more on the exciting news (especially for lazy people who can't be bothered transferring files from PC to PSP) of direct PlayStation Store access as soon as we get more reliable confirmation than some developer bloke talking to some French website.

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