Psystar could take Apple legal fight to US Supreme Court

Earlier this week, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld an earlier lower court ruling that determined PC maker Psystar could not sell or copy Apple's Mac OS X operating system or sell any PCs that had the Mac OS pre-installed. You might think that Psystar might throw in the towel and let that appeal court ruling stand. But according to a story on Computerworld, the lawyer that represents Psystar is not yet ready to give up its fight against Apple.

In a statement, lawyer K.A.D. Camera (yep, that is apparently his name) said, "This is far from over". He added, "There is at least one more round, perhaps two." One of the options available to Psystar will be to ask all of the judges in the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to consider the ruling again. In Wednesday's decision, just three of the appeal court's members were involved in deciding the case in Apple's favor. The other, and obviously final, option would be to ask the US Supreme Court to hear the case. Camera indicated that at the moment Psystar had not yet decided on which option to take.

Camera also claims that in the final analysis, this case is bigger than just Psystar wanting to sell PCs with Apple's operating system inside. He states, "The principal issue in the case is Apple's limiting Mac OS X to its own hardware. But this is more than only Psystar. It could determine whether the likes of Dell can sell machines that run OS X."

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