RIM shows off Facebook app for Blackberry 10

Research in Motion have had a really busy week showing off the first real glimpse of Blackberry 10, their brand new operating system. Then they crushed all our hopes and dreams, while simultaneously creating a new meme, by releasing this. Coming back from that, the Canadian company has released another video, this time to showcase their new Facebook app. This is probably the first real world application and demo that we have seen of this new operating system. 

The Facebook app in itself is nothing special, meaning no extra or unexpected features are on board. However, it should do its job nicely as it supports all the usual Facebook features, including Timeline. The interface reminds us a bit of the one found on Android.

What's different about this app though, is that unlike it's iOS or Android cousins, it's being built by RIM themselves, which should mean better integration with the phone as a whole. And we can actually see a glimmer, or should I say a peek, of this in the video: the buttery smooth scrolling is one effect of that, as well as support for RIM's Peek function that is core to BB10. Another benefit of this deeper integration is the fact that Facebook messages and notifications will show up in Blackberry's main messaging pane.

It's worthy to note that Techcrunch reported that during RIM's keynote a few days ago the app crashed and pretty much took the whole phone with it, so having deep integration can definitely be a double edged sword.

Now there's only one question left: will anybody still care that Blackberries have a good Facebook app in 2013?

Source: TheNextWeb

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