Rumor: Nokia's Windows Phone 7 to have voice controlled 3D maps

While Samsung and HTC have recently announced their upcoming smartphones based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 operating system, the world is awaiting what Nokia will do with its WP7-based devices. There have been hints and rumors about what Nokia has planned for these phones and today a new story over at Winrumors suggests that one of the features for those phones will let owners use their voice to navigate through 3D maps.

The story is based on leaked images showing some marketing materials that Nokia's German unit have created to help promote its upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices. The picture includes some descriptions of the phone's features. When translated the note says in part, "With Nokia drive safely at the finish – including 3D representation and voice-controlled navigation." That would certainly be a feature that will make the Nokia device stand out from the crowd.

Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop has already stated in the past that its working relationship with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7 is different than other smartphone makers. That's because Microsoft has given Nokia access to all of Windows Phone 7's source code. That kind of partnership should allow for Nokia to add features to its WP7-based smartphones that Samsung and HTC couldn't have.

Nokia is still saying that its first Windows Phone 7-based phones will go on sale sometime before the end of 2011. Nokia should raise the curtain officially on its plans for Microsoft's operating system at Nokia World, it's developer conference which will be held in London on October 26-27.

Image via WinRumors

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