Samsung Galaxy S9 picks up a new slow-motion video mode

Samsung has released a few updates to its Galaxy S9 flagships since their launch, most notably adding support for FM radio to unlocked versions of the handset in June. This month, the company seems to be making some changes to the camera app, adding a new slow-motion video recording mode.

The update, spotted by users on Reddit, adds the ability to record slow-motion video at 720p resolution and 480fps over 0.4 seconds, which results in a 12-second clip. The Galaxy S9 was the company's first smartphone to include the ability to record at 960fps for 0.2 seconds, and the new recording mode provides even more choice for users.

There's a bit of a caveat with the update, however. In manual mode, users are no longer able to record at 960fps, with the ability being replaced with the newly added mode. To record at the highest framerate setting, you'll need to use automatic mode, which automatically starts recording in slow motion when it detects movement in a specific area of the frame.

The update is rolling out to Galaxy S9 handsets, likely starting with the unlocked variants. It's possible that the company will include the feature out of the box in its upcoming Galaxy Note9, which is expected to be announced on August 9.

Via: TrustedReviews

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