Samsung launches 'Wireless Audio 360' R7 and R6 speakers with impressive audio-visual project

If you look at the market for speakers, there are literally hundreds of options available at every price range. But, if you narrow your search to a speaker that produces omnidirectional sound, your choices become very limited. Samsung has capitalized on this niche and untapped market by introducing its 'Wireless Audio 360' R7 and R6 speakers to the European market.

In order to celebrate the release, Samsung created a unique audio-visual project that took sound and translated it onto a visual canvas. Naturally, the results were stunning as sound was being translated onto a circular canvas as dots, lines and ripples. The Wireless Audio 360 speaker will come in two models, the R6 and R7. Both models will support ACC, MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. The speakers will also offer connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with support for Android and iOS. While the tech specs show no difference in output and capabilities, the R7 is larger and does have the option to be mounted on a tripod floor stand and ceiling mount accessory.The R7 retails for £499.95, while the R6 is priced a bit less at £399.95.

Source: Samsung

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