Samsung unveil free ChatON mobile IM service

Just like RIM did with their BlackBerry Messenger service, Samsung Mobile intend to launch a similar mobile instant messaging service called “ChatON” across their Android and Bada OS phones. ChatON will be pre-installed on all new Samsung smartphones from October running either operating system, along with some other feature-phones; it will also eventually be making a launch on iOS and BlackBerry devices with an accompanying PC client for all.

The service will be launching in 120 countries in 62 languages, which makes it a “true global mobile communication service” (in Samsung’s words). ChatON will comprise of a group and single chat section that will allow you to share text and multimedia, including location and calendar info, with your friends and ChatON contacts. ChatON will also have a “Trunk” area for each chat, which shows all sent images and videos and allows you to comment on them individually.

Also to be included with ChatON is the AMS, or Animation Message Service, which allows you to create an animated card to send to your friends from photos, music, text and more. All users will have a ChatON profile with an interaction rank – a measure of how frequently you talk to others so your friends know who you chat with most. Best of all, ChatON will be completely free to use.

Samsung is set to fully unveil the ChatON application at IFA in Berlin between September 2 and 7, after which it will become gradually available across devices.

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