Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire update brings new Tall Tale, chain shots, and more

Following the discovery of an issue at the last minute that pushed back the latest Sea of Thieves update release by a couple of days, Rare has now officially released the Heart of Fire monthly content update to the pirate masses. This newest delivery brings along a brand new Tall Tale to experience, a new kind of cannon shot, and much more.

The new Tall Tale takes players through a new storyline that has them braving a newly built lava and trap-filled new dungeon. Interested players can head to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and use the Quest Book there to begin the journey. A fiery new ship hull from the Ashen line is available as a reward for finishing the Tall Tale.

The chain shot comes in as another major new feature to the game with this update. These special cannonballs can now be found all over the seas, and while they are not useful for punching holes in hulls and the range is lower compared to regular shots, they can take down masts and destroy capstans and wheels in just a single well-placed shot.

In addition, another new usable item is the Blunderbomb, which can be both thrown and used as cannon ammo just like the recent Firebombs. This new weapon explodes on impact and sends any pirate nearby flying in the opposite direction, great for knocking players off ships for instance.

Pirate Legend-exclusive new Athena’s Run voyages, fresh cosmetics on the Black Market and Pirate Emporium, new tutorials for fishing and rowboat handling, and more are included in the update also. Check out the release notes over here and the update's dedicated landing page over here.

The Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire update comes in at 5.34GB on the base Xbox One consoles while Xbox One X and PC players will find a 9.12GB update waiting for them. The servers are back online now, so all pirates can jump in to experience the new content.

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