Sims 2 Content "Worse Than Hot Coffee"

Miami attorney Jack Thompson claims cheat codes make EAs life sim a pedophiles paradise by showing genitalia; calls for ban on T-rated game.

How do you like your hot coffee? If youre Jack Thompson, you like it scalding game publishers laps. The Miami attorney and antigaming activist has done his share to see that games dont fall into the wrong hands. And lately, those hands have belonged to almost everyone.

Thompson was among those who spearheaded the recent effort to slap an "Adults Only" rating on Rockstar Games" Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and hes often been on the forefront of many other gaming issues, several of which have targeted the crime-spree-based GTA franchise. In the past, hes represented defendants who have been the victims of GTA-inspired crimes, including the triple homicide of three police officers by an 18-year-old boy in Alabama.

News source: GameSpot

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