Skype for Windows 8 downloads going live?

It appears that download links for Skype for Windows 8 are now rolling out in the Windows Store. While the Skype icon has been available for a few hours in the Store, it was not possible to download the application.

That appears to have changed as we have been getting tips that the download is now live for some users. So far, the UK has reported working download links but we have also heard from individuals in the same demographic that the link is still down.

Seeing as we have been sent screenshots from our tipster, it looks like the download is working for some users. If you do happen to try and download the app, let us know in the comments below your location and if it is, or is not, working.

Our tipster let us know that he too did get the app not available at first but being persistent, the download eventually did start.

Thanks for the tip Elmer.Fdz

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