Snapchat will begin testing ads that cannot be skipped starting in May

Snapchat has been losing ground to its competition and the social service has taken quite a beating over the past year, debuting a new UI update which has been detested. Despite this, the firm has continued to offer new features on its platform, but a new one could send more of its users into a tizzy.

As reported by the Digiday, it looks like Snapchat is going to start testing ads that cannot be skipped on some of its shows. A Snap Inc spokesperson confirmed to the outlet that it will indeed test the new ads, which will be six-seconds in length. The new ads will be unleashed to the platform around May 15. This will be a first for the firm, which has had a tough time since going public but did experience a glimmer of success in its final quarter of the financial year.

Currently, the platform already injects ads in between Stories, but these can be skipped with ease, just by tapping. According to those with knowledge, the reception of the new ads should be seamless, as most are accustomed to viewing ads when watching shows. The new ads will be attached to high-quality content produced by the likes of NBCUniversal, Viacom and others. The shows will run three to five minutes in length with six-second ads attached. It will be interesting to see whether this tactic will be enough to have users accept the new change - as the situation is quite volatile. The company cannot afford public backlash.

Source: Digiday via The Verge

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